Billy DeKom




Since you’re here right now, I can tell you probably love the great outdoors. That the view from the top of a summit gives you a jolt of adrenaline. That you don’t mind feeling small standing among giant redwood trees. Or feeling totally in awe of ancient glaciers and impossibly high mountains.

You get it.

You understand that standing by a river and listening to the water can bring just as much peace as an hour of meditation. That the best gym in the world can be a hiking trail, a backpacking trip, or a steep rock wall.

Maybe your version of a great vacation is a long road trip through the National Parks. Or a weekend spent in a tent under the stars. And your idea of quality time with your loved ones is swapping stories and s’mores around a campfire.

If you’ve got a passion for seeing awesome places or an interest in photography, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

I love connecting with people who love nature. Who appreciate all it has to offer, and are enthusiastic about protecting those places for everyone to enjoy. Photography is a great way to connect with like-minded outdoor-a-holics and adventure junkies. Capturing images of these landscapes lets us all celebrate what makes these places so valuable.


I’m a self-taught photographer. My focus is on adventure + landscape photography. I’m an avid hiker and backpacker, currently living in Northern California. I enjoy getting lost (on purpose).

The more I travelled, the more I found myself looking for new ways to take those insane views back home with me. My interest in photography grew naturally from there. For years, I devoured as much information as I could to get better at it. I scraped my money together, bought my first DSLR camera, and have been hooked ever since.


I am addicted to travel + the outdoors. Mountains have always held a strong pull on my heart, but I can honestly say that when it comes to nature…I love it all.

Rivers, lakes, deserts, canyons, coastlines, and forests. These are all places that give me that rush of excitement. The kind of feeling that few other things could ever measure up to.

For a while there, I lost my connection with the outdoors. I did what I imagine a lot of other people do as they get older and try to find their place in the world. I took it for granted. That it would always be there. And the strangest thing happened. I found myself forgetting it. Choosing not to go. Year after year, not making those far-off places a priority in my life. I felt trapped in a busy, ever-growing cityscape – part of me felt empty and disconnected.

Now I make it my priority. My second home. Every chance I get (every vacation day, every penny saved, every anniversary or birthday celebration), chances are good that I’m spending it outdoors. On a trail, in a tent, rain or shine. Just my camera and my wife, miles away from anywhere. Soaking it all in.


When I’m not on here uploading new prints for sale on the site or planning out my next road trip, you can usually find me sharing shots of our adventures over on Instagram. Come say hello over @billydekom - where I share shots from all our trips plus lots of instastories from our time on the trail + in camp + in coffee // donut shops along the way.